New Friend of NAIA*

Game, Set, Match

Meet Filip Bergevi

Hi, Filip, how are you doing?
Hi, very good, thank you!

How’s your day been so far?
Just got some lunch in Vienna. I’m on my way home to Malmö, from Italy. I’ve been in Bologna over the weekend for league games with my Italian club team. 

How come, you started playing tennis?
A tennis racket as a Christmas present at the age of 5 was probably how it all started. My uncle is a tennis coach and my dad also used to play, and took me with him to the tennis court. At the age of 12, I made my first national results. Since then, it was all about tennis for me. 

Last year, you won your first Swedish Championship in singles. What other trophy are you proud of?
I am most proud of my professional title in singles that I won in Egypt. Although, if I look back in time, I am also proud of a great junior title that I won in Venezuela (singles and doubles) which led to qualifying to play Wimbledon, Roland Garros and US Open.

The ATP tour means a lot of traveling, what do you prefer to do in your spare time?
As a tennis player, you’re almost never free. But now that summer has come to Sweden, a morning swim in the sea is among the best things I know.

How’s your shape this season?
I’m in a great shape! I have managed to stay away from injuries, so I’m hoping to reach my top shape during the summer season.

 What’s your next goal?
My next big goal is to qualify for ATP’s Challenger tour, which requires to be ranked among the top 300 in the world. I hope to be one of them in 2 years. 

What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now?
My biggest challenge this summer is definitely to make an optimal competition schedule. There are a lot of competitions around Europe, which must sync with league games and the Swedish Championship competitions. It’s an on going puzzle to make the most out of all the opportunities. 

When do you have the most energy?
After a sip of Naia* 😉 The energy that comes with winning a tennis game is hard the beat though. When your hard work pays off – that is what’s keep me going every day. 

Which NAIA* do you prefer?
Summer Strawberry is my no. 1!