FRIENDS of the NAIA Initiative

Introducing MMA Fighter Fannie Redman

An Interview With our Latest Friend

Hi Fannie, how are you doing?
Hello! I am just fine.

How have you spent your day so far?
This morning I’ve been working with my PT clients, had a training session of my own, and will now go into filming of the miniseries The Box, for a stunt job.

What goals are you working towards right now?
Unfortunately, the last year have been quite odd because of the pandemic, so I’ve really had time to think about my goals and what I really want spend my time doing going forward. Right now, the focus has been on starting up my new company, with primary focus on training. Among other things, me and my colleague are looking for a space to start up a new gym in. So right now that’s my main focus. Beyond that I’ve also got a lot of stunt jobs, which is an area I want to learn more about.

 You’ve been doing martial arts since you were a child, but how did you get started with MMA?
I ended up in  MMA  thanks to my colleague Sadibou Sy. I needed a fresh start after  many years in Judo and BJJ, so he told me to join him at Pancrase. I got hooked on MMA since it’s is so versatile and, as in all martial arts really, you are constantly learning new things. MMA puts you in really uncomfortable siutations, which is interesting. Whether as a form of exercise or in a match.

What is your favorite grip?
I like arm locks, juji-gatame, but I also enjoy throws and especially foot sweeps.  I like the combination of boxing and takedown, in MMA, as well as ground and pound.

Who is your dream opponent in the cage?
Rose Namajunes in the UFC, she is really good and above all feels like a humble fighter – who also delivers. I’m a bit tired of the whole screaming contest the MMA world is becoming.

Do you have any upcoming projects, fights, or other initiatives you want to share?
Nothing that is ready right now, except that I’m in episode 8 of the Norwegian series Exit, season 2, which is coming soon on SVT, but in a stunt scene 😉

When do you feel like you have the most energy?
I would say that I have the most energy in the afternoon, when I’ve finished working and will then switch to training!

Which is your favorite Naia* Drink?
Can we please talk about new summer Strawberry!? It’s definitely my favorite. Otherwise I almost always enjoy Lime! I love that it’s so reminiscent of bubble water.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming projects with Fannie!