FRIENDS of the NAIA Inititaive

Madi Music Academy

Finding Gambias hottest talents

Gambia is a country chocablock with talent, and a sounding board for several of Sweden’s greatest acts.

Artists such as Madi Banja, Seinabo Sey, Adam Tensta and Erik Lundin have found inspiration in Gambia. But compared to Swedish artists, Gambian musicians have few opportunities to realize their ambitions. 

This injustice motivated Madi to launch an initiative to support underprivileged Gambian artists. In collaboration with The NAIA Initiative, he established The Madi Music Academy to nurture the Gambian music scene and give back to the land of his birth.

 Assisted by two local artists, undiscovered talents are helped to understand the creative and technical process of producing music. And ultimately to record their own songs.