Digital Afrobeat Workshop

Join us in the Digital Afrobeat Workshop were the Afrobeat Dancer Najib Morllah AKA @offixciall will share his knowledge and passion for Afrobeat. Throughout three episodes he will teach us how to become Afrobeat dancers, from levels basic to advanced.

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New Refreshing Lime

A sparkling energy drink with a juicy taste of lime, perfectly balanced between sweet and sour, filled with a raft of good things for your body that deliver a boost of caffeine-powered energy.

Get if from your local energy drink pusher.


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Madi Music Academy

Many of Sweden’s biggest acts have their roots in Gambia. The hip hop sensation Madi Banja is one of them. He wanted to give something back to his birth country, where few people have the same opportunities as in Sweden to explore and realize their musical talents. With the Madi Music Academy, Madi wanted to ”pay it forward”.

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Free From – Recycled Fashion by Nhu Duong

What does old workwear, high fashion and sustainability have to do with each other? A lot, it turns out. In the capsule collection ”Free From”, Swedish designer Nhu Doung pushed recycled fashion to it’s limits and gave old factory overalls a new purpose.

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Contemporary Training Festival

Working out should be fun. With the help of international superstars like Icona Pop, exercise gurus, and nutrition experts, we created the Contemporary Training Festival. A new kind of training festival, combining exercise, culture, and education, were we invited beginners and professionals alike to explore new training methods, and most importantly, to find or reclaim the fun in exercise.

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