FRIENDS of the NAIA Initiative

On the Wing With Kristoffer Peterson

Meet our new FRIEND
Foto: Frederic Scheidemann

Hi Kristoffer, how are you doing?

Hello, it’s all good. Grinding on with the dad and football life.

How have you spent the day so far?
Hmm. I woke up, spent some quality time in the couch with my wife and kids, and then I went to the training complex. We always take anti-gene and a pcr tests when we arrive. So I’ve become somewhat of an experienced corona tester by now.

You are currently playing for the German club Fortuna Dusseldorf, in the Bundesliga 2. On a scale from 1-10, how much techno is played in the locker room?
Hahah, I do not know if those days are over or if we are different, but in our dressing room it’s mostly hip hop and rap, actually.

Are you working towards any specific goals at the moment?
I don’t have any clear long-term goals,  that makes journey feel too long. Instead, I try to enjoy the journey and take it day by day. Same with the dad part, it feels like you have an even bigger responsibility now to raise two boys, to make them as good people as possible, so it’s a daily struggle, but a fun struggle.

You moved abroad  a teenager and have played for a handful of clubs since. Which city has been the most fun / enjoyable to live in?
I will always cherish my Liverpool days, but maybe I romanticize the city and the time a spent there a bit since I was so young at the time. But, as a city, I would say that where I live now, Düsseldorf is by far the best. Due to the lockdown, we haven’t been able to experience everything yet – but we sure will.

Where do you prefer to spend your time during the summer break? 
I stand out a bit in this regard, which my wife isn’t the biggest fan of. But, for me it is and always has been Gothenburg. Though, we did actually go to Marbella for 5 days in 2017. But nothing beats Gothenburg, with friends and family.

Do you have a new project or initiative outside of football that you want to share?
I’m trying to become good at paddle tennis, but it’s been hard to keep up since I can’t really play that much here. But I follow paddle like it’s a religion.

When do you feel you like you have the most energy?
When I feel energized, I always try to give energy to others – and when I notice that people don’t take it for granted, I try to give some more. That mix is ​​optimal for me. Plus a NAIA on that!

What is your favorite Naia?
I must say the new Summer Strawberry ☀️ 200 mg of caffeine is perfect for me before game or training as well. Magically!

Stay tuned for future collabs with Kristoffer. Until then you can follow him on Instagram @krispeterson7 and his team Fortuna Dusseldorf @f95.