Our Story Starts with Disruption

Let’s face it, the energy drink business is really  f****d up. New players enter the market every week touting the same sweet, generic liquids imported from megafactories in unknown places. We offer something different. Drinks that taste fresh and give you energy, without unnecessary additives and shady ingredients.

Everyday Energy

We support every one that’s facing a challenge, no matter the magnitude. All our products are Energy Drinks at the core. Made for everyday use and to help you find that little bit of extra kick to get through the day.

A Long-lasting Engagement

For us, sustainability is so much more than just another marketing buzzword, it’s a core part of our philosophy. What you see is what you get. We offer energy drinks for a sustainable, healthy society – products made locally from renewable energy and sustainable, natural resources. Now, we encourage everyone, competitors and friends alike, to join us in creating a new, transparent and sustainable energy drink market.

Friends of NAIA* is a growing group of change makers who influence those who influence. From music artists to yoga trailblazers and beyond.

Let’s Hook Up!

We make energy drinks for the dreamers out there, and we’re always on the look-out for new ideas and initiatives to support. Do you have an exceptional idea you need help launching? Reach out, maybe we can collaborate. Let’s make something big together!

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