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Recycled Fashion

by Nhu Duong

The garments were transformed into a hybrid collection in which past and present, function and fashion, merge.

The fashion industry is under intense scrutiny among consumers who want to know where – and how – their clothes are produced. Sustainable, locally produced, environmentally friendly, and, fair trade apparel is hot commodity. But is it possible to locally produce a sustainable and fashionable clothing collection? The Berlin-based, Swedish designer and Friend of NAIA, Nhu Duong decided to find out.

In collaboration with the NAIA Initiative, the concept store Aplace and Re:textile, a part of The Swedish School of Textiles, Nhu Duong launched a limited capsule collection, based on some of the toughest clothing out there – recycled workwear. A majority of the material in the collection was sourced from recycled workwear, used by workers in the Spendrups Brewery, in Grängesberg. Instead of disposing them, the workwear was given a new purpose through Nhu Duong’s creativity.