We’re in It for the Long Run!

If you want to make a difference to the world you can’t just talk the talk, you must also walk the walk. An ecologically sustainable society is a healthy – or at least less damaged – society. Our environmental policy seeks to contribute to that sustainable society. We want to stay one step ahead of environmental legislation and mitigate the strain on our environment by continuously improving our performance.

Our Focus
We place a special emphasis on minimizing our climate impact and optimizing our use of natural resources structured around a holistic life cycle perspective. We strive to use environmentally friendly goods and services whenever possible. For instance, we only use recyclable cans in all our product lines. 

Systematic Approach
We analyze our near environment, our impact on this and related risks and possibilities. We set ourselves achievable goals based on our analyses, we formulate action plans and establish routines for assessing and improving our environmental performance.

Operational Approach
When taking decisions about our business and operations, we place a premium on caution, and strive to minimize injuries and liabilities relating to public health issues and the environment.

Environmental Competence
We consider it our responsibility to ensure that our employees are given adequate training and the resources that will enable them to tackle any environmental issues their work might entail.

We are engaged in an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders around our work for the environment, and we make sure that accurate information is always available online  – read our latest sustainability report here

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